Sri Jaya Iron Ore Project in Malaysia

The company is undertaking due diligence on Sri Jaya Iron Ore Project in Malaysia. The project is an open-pit iron mine with total mining district area of approximate 4.2 square kilometers. The indicated resource of this iron ore mine is 100 million tonnes. Currently, the mining capacity of the project is approximate 300,000 tonnes per month. The operation has commenced at the beginning of 2012, while the processing plants (including roasting plants) are under construction in phases, aiming to increase the feed capacity of the plant to 8 million tonnes per annum. The project is located 90 kilometres driving distance to Kuantan Port located on the coast line of Kuantan, the capital city of Pahang State. Kuantan port is strategically located only about 2,400 kilometres to the Southern coast of China, offering distinct freight advantages for shipping iron ore to ports in China.

Malaysia has a well-established legal and political frame work to support mining projects in the region. In addition, Sri Jaya Iron Ore Project enjoys the advantage of existing infrastructures in place that could support the logistic operations and further developments of the project.